Why Should We Make All the Money?  We're Not Greedy, Let's Share!

     If you've watched our videos you know we're not big on the paid reviews in our industry.  We also know that people listen to other people, so to help strike a balance, we've established our Affiliate Marketing Program.

     If you want to help things grow, sign up and help get the word out.  If you have questions, get in contact with us.  We're happy to go over our business, our methods and our views on Customer Service.  Getting people riding quickly and affordably is our goal.  Making sure you get something for helping them is the goal of our Affiliate Program.

What kind of Commissions can I Expect?

     We took a look at what other Electric Vehicle Companies were offering and came up with a good number to keep you motivated.  We pay 5% of the purchase price of the item or items, not including shipping, taxes and fees.  That means you will make anywhere from $0.80 on accessories up to $680+ on our higher priced e-motorcycles.  Depending on who you know, that could make you some nice side money, while helping people go Electric!

When Will I See My Money?

     We see this as a partnership and we're as invested in your success as you are in ours.  That's why payouts for sales are processed 30 days after the date of payment.  This is to help ensure completion of the purchase.

What are you going to Provide?

     We have an active Social Media Marketing Program.  As an Affiliate you can repost our content with your link.  You can also like/comment on our posts with your link.  We have lots of digital assets we can provide.  If you'd like to do special posts to appeal to your audience get in touch with us at info@e-powersport.com

What are the terms on referrals?

     Once someone is "referred" by you, you will receive commission for every purchase they make for up to 3 months.  After 3 months, referrals will be open for other Affiliates' referral lock-in.  Please maintain your relationships with referrals to maintain commissions past 3 months.  You may have caught that too, you get paid for every purchase they make, not just the first one, but every, single, one.

We hope you find our Affiliate Program worthy of your time, thank you


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