E-Powersport Buy Here, Pay Here Program

We understand that people need these Electric Bikes and Electric Motorcycles to save money and we believe in it so much we're offering you the opportunity to get one via our Buy Here, Pay Here Program.  Not everyone can get a bank loan, not everyone gets approved via lease-to-own.  We setup our Buy Here, Pay Here Program to give those that can truly use the daily savings on transportation, the ability to take advantage of these incredible devices.

We believe, using an electric bike or motorcycle to replace a car for your daily commute and short errands will save you so much, the monthly payment will be more than affordable.  

We offer 2 Programs based on your Purchase:

For Electric Bikes. excludes e-Enduros, we require 25% down(plus tax at time of purchase) with 3-12 month terms and compound interest of 10%

For Electric Motorcycles and e-Enduros we require 25% down(plus tax at time of purchase) with 24 month terms and compound interest of 10% 

Due to various laws in each state we are only offering our Buy Here, Pay Here Program in the Las Vegas, NV area

Requirements to Apply for the E-Powersport Buy Here, Pay Here Program:

1) 25% down payment must be made in cash or direct bank transfer, taxes/delivery or any other fees are to be paid at time of purchase and are in addition to the 25% down.

2) You Must live in Las Vegas, NV or surrounding suburbs, *Henderson, NV/Boulder City, NV, Pahrump, NV

3) Proof of Identity and residence

4) You must have lived in your current residence for at least 6 months

5)You must have an active bank account in good standing

6)You must provide proof of income in the same role for the last 6 months

7) You must show that you can currently afford the payments via a basic income to debt review. We will also factor in your commute and potential savings in using your new ride.

8) You must provide 5 references, 2 family and 3 friends or work references

9) Once approved you will be required to sign a payment agreement.  Electric Motorcycles will be required to be registered with E-Powersport as a lien holder.

**There is a $99 admin fee at time of purchase.  All units must be stock on hand, custom orders do not qualify.  All approvals are at the sole discretion of the management and can be for any reason, including demonstrated demeanor, credit worthiness, unwillingness to ride with appropriate safety equipment as required by law, availability of product, etc.**

FAQs Buy Here, Pay Here (BHPH) 

1. What type of vehicles can be purchased through the Buy Here Pay Here program? 

    A: Any of our on hand stock can be purchased via our Buy Here, Pay Here Program.  This excludes accessories, parts and repairs.

2. Are all Buy Here Pay Here vehicles inspected before purchase? 

    A: All units are new or have been lightly used for basic demo rides.

3. What are the terms and conditions of the Buy Here Pay Here financing program? 

    A: We have outlined requirements above.  Beyond that you must make your payments on time, agreed upon monthly date to coincide with your pay dates, or within 3 days of due date when holidays create bank closures.  Please refer to your signed contract for further details.

4. Are warranties available on Buy Here Pay Here vehicles? 

    A: All BHPH financed vehicles come with their respective warranties.

5. What is the interest rate for Buy Here Pay Here financing? 

    A: All BHPH accounts are subject to a 10% compounded interest rate over the agreed upon period.

6. Are there any additional fees charged when financing a Buy Here Pay Here vehicle? 

    A: There is a one time $99 administration fee at the time of signed agreement, tax and down payment are made.

7. How long is the term of the Buy Here Pay Here loan? 

    A: Electric Bikes qualify for terms of 3, 6, 9 and 12 months.  Electric Motorcycles are financed at a 24 month term.  All accounts are open to pre-payment without penalties.  Saving you interest over the period.

8. What is the minimum down payment required for a Buy Here Pay Here vehicle? 

    A: All purchases under E-powersport BHPH Program require a 25% down payment, tax and a $99 administration fee at the time product is handed to customer based on signed contract.

9. Can I trade in my current vehicle when purchasing a Buy Here Pay Here vehicle? 

    A: Currently, we are not accepting trade ins on Electric Bikes or Electric Motorcycles.

10. Are there any incentives offered when financing a Buy Here Pay Here vehicle?

    A: The BHPH Program is considered to be high risk for our business.  Due to this, there are no additional discounts or incentives provided.  You may still be able to take advantage of local and Federal rebates.

11. Will you be reporting account status to the 3 major credit bureaus? 

    A: Currently we are not setup to report to the credit bureaus.  We are in the process of getting setup and once available we will report current and any back status as allowable to all 3 bureaus.

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