Please Read Carefully, Understand The Terms, You Will Be Asked To Digitally Sign the Agreement When Initiated

     This Layaway Agreement is not a bank account or savings account.  It is not an offer of credit or applicable for the purposes of obtaining credit.  You are agreeing to purchase a product model at a specific price.  We believe in you and your desire to save time and money with electric and we support you in it, with access to this program.

  For the facilitation of the E-Powersport Layaway program we require payments be processed using Venmo.  We treat our Venmo Account like an Escrow account for your Layaway payments.  The money paid remains in the account until you've paid enough to get your ride.  Layaway requires many payments over time and the consistent processing charges can eat away at a business.  Venmo is low cost, keeping this program low cost and thus making it available to all.

  If you don't have a Venmo account, please download it from your App Store on your phone and sign up.  It is a service of Paypal, guaranteed and secure. 

*Must be at least 18 years of age to enter Layaway agreement*

E-powersports LLC Layaway Terms and Conditions

    In our efforts to make sure everyone has access to electric transportation, we understand it's not always affordable for everyone.  If one of our customers is unable to obtain a Lease Purchase Agreement through Progressive Leasing, our alternative financing choice, we have layaway as a final option.  The Layaway program is not a bank, it is not a savings account, it earns no interest and is charged no interest.  There is no time limit applied to how long you can take to pay.  However, if you take such an amount of time that your selection of product is no longer available, it will be substituted for one of equal value at the time of pick up by the customer.  Example, if you take two years to pay off your layaway it's possible there will be model changes by the time you pick up your unit and you'll receive one of equal cost, features offered at time of agreement initiation are not guaranteed i.e. substitute unit may have different features due to time to pay.  You are only allowed one Bike Unit per Layaway agreement.  Only one Layaway agreement per person at a time. 

Available For Layaway

     Layaway is only available for E-bike, Enduro bike, Enduro Bike Upgrade and Accessory purchases.  It excludes all E-Dirt bikes, electric motorcycles and Service Charges for assembly or repairs. 


     For all layaway agreements you will be required to put down an initial 20% payment of the total purchase price plus any applicable taxes.  You can include shipping at time of purchase or select "Pick up" to pay it when your unit is ready to ship, but you will be responsible for any differences in shipping cost. 

  You will be required to make a minimum payment of $50 per month for the length of the layaway agreement. Your payments will be scheduled for the 1st OR 15th of each month, you will select which date and it will be set for the term of the agreement.  You will receive a Venmo Request for payment of $50 when payment is due, at which time you can pay the minimum or pay more on you balance.  You can always pay more anytime using the Venmo app.  Contact us at once you have done so with your info and we'll add it to our list to reconcile.  Our current process is manual, with some automation, so there will be a delay of 1-2 days in confirming our receipt of payment or having it reflected in your account, when this is available. 

Terms for Delivery


     When you have paid 80% of the total purchase price, your e-bike will be set aside to guarantee your delivery.  Full payment will be required before shipping.

     Enduro Bikes

     For Enduro bikes, when you have paid 60% of your total purchase price, we will request the factory to begin making your unit.  These can take up to 30 days to complete depending on the customization.  For Enduros, there is included shipping time, total time to deliver can take up to 60 days depending on customizations.  Full payment will be required before final shipping to your location, or pick up.   

Processing Payment via Venmo

     Venmo allows us to easily request money using a QR code, or Venmo request.  This also allows us to easily track payments and apply them to a specific customer's account.  As this reconciliation is currently manual it may take a day or two to reflect in your account.  We're working with our devs to automate and better facilitate all these actions and status updates for you.  It will only get better.

Default of Agreement

 You will be in default when you have failed to make a monthly payment for a period of 90 calendar days from your last payment date.  We will send reminders, but we make no guarantee as to amount or frequency.  If you default on your layaway, we will refund you 25% of the total balance you have paid.  This is to cover any costs in maintenance, ordering, processing, restocking, reselling and to help ensure the motivation is to finish the layaway agreement.  You will need to contact us via email with how we can arrange to get you the remaining 25%.  If you do not contact us within 30 days of your layaway agreement closure you will forfeit the remaining 25%.

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