Who's Behind E-Powersport.com???

Hello, my name's John Reagan and I created E-powersport.com to provide affordable access to people that can use efficient, reliable electric transportation.  The more I use them the more I'm convinced this is the way we should be traveling daily.  I hope that once you experience the amazing sensation of an Electric Bike you will agree.  Here's some Q&A so you can better get to know me and our mission:

What was your childhood like?  Any memories stand out to you?


A) It was generally good, my dad was in the Navy, Enlisted and my mom worked Civilian roles on the base.  I grew up overseas from 6-11 years old and lived on islands till I was 19 and moved to the Greater Seattle area.  Overall, it was good, we had what we needed, but there were many times we had to not have, or we had to wait, or we had to get the off brand clothes.  I dealt with a bit of high school bullying and teasing because of it.  That's probably why I feel so strongly about standing up for others when I see them being treated poorly or unfairly.


How did you get into the business you're in today?


A) That is a long answer question, but I'll try to be brief.  Everything in my life has led me here.  From my early entrepreneurship as a teen, cleaning parking lots and delivering papers, to my experience in warehousing and supply chains in my 20's and even thru my more recent years in Talent Acquisition and Business Process improvement.  All these experiences combined have given me a unique perspective and ability to move through the mazes, figure out the bureaucracy and get things done for the people that really need it.  For more career experience reference, here's a link to my LinkedIn page which is more comprehensive:


What knowledge and insight are you brining to the Electric Vehicle industry?


A) As I mentioned, I have a lot of varied experience spanning all areas of business and specifically this business.  But I'm also a big tech nerd.  I've been coding since I was 10 years old on DOS.  I've continued throughout my lifetime to maintain that understanding as well.  I've been someone who has always looked at the situation and figured out not just the best course of action for the immediate concerns, but for the long term and the total group of people involved.  I'm bringing the ability to trim down the unneeded, focus on the required and a career of experience in solving the problems that arise for SMBs and Large Corporations.  Combined with the fact that I'm not greedy, I'm OK with selling more and making less to get people riding and experiencing these incredible machines.  I'm the most dangerous and disruptive of entrepreneur, the entrepreneur with a true mission.  Money follows the mission, if you do it the other way around, you will lose.


When you look at the future of this industry, what do you see?


A) I see a real paradigm shift of how people in the United States travel.  How they commute to work and how they get around in general.  There's so many positive, and very few negative, examples in the world of societies having moved to embrace Bicycles and other non-ICE vehicle transportation.  When compared side by side, one literally looks Utopian and the other looks gritty, dirty, and leading to a dead planet.  Everyone talks about Global warming, but eventually they will also have to do something about it.  The sooner the better.


 Who is someone you admire, and why?

A) I've always admired Sir Richard Branson.  He's a truly self-made billionaire.  His focus on Customer Service early on has been copied heavily and continually proven.


 Flashback to when you were 10 years old. What do you want to be when you grow up?

A) A stockbroker.  When I delivered the newspaper, I would read the stocks and business news.

 If we went to happy hour, what would you order? 

A) I'm not a drinker, I don't drink.  But if we went and it was a social situation, I would order a Root Beer and Yeager.  Reminds me of snowboarding in the Cascade Mountains.

Finish this sentence. On Sunday mornings, you can usually find me…

A) Walking the dog, taking a bike ride, reading articles, spending some time with family, working on the next thing for E-Powersport.com, inspiration doesn't know what day it is.

How do you want people to remember you?

A) I can't say I want people to remember "Me".  What I hope is that they remember someone saw the value and helped them to realize it too, "What was that guy's name?"  I hope they remember the actions taken and the changes they've enjoyed because of it. 

Name three words that you describe you.

A) Respect, Trust, Transparency

What would be your personal motto?

A) Life is about figuring out the challenges presented to you in between taking time for you and the ones you love.



Looking at the future of your business, what does success look like for you?  

                Though I'm sure this is where future investors want to hear about how much money we'll reap together, that's not the focus here.  For me, I will consider us a Success when people can easily afford an Ebike.  When even your grandmother will now take an ebike to run her errands.  When the greater conversations around roads and transportation turn to embracing Ebiking and becoming accommodating to it, then we'll know we've succeeded. 

Me with our new shirts

  Here I am with a cheesy grin over our new shirts / Our Mascot and Mini Wrecking Ball Harley Quinn

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