Batteries, To Remove or Not To Remove......
This article discusses why it's not always best to have removeable batteries
09.09.22 05:45 AM - Comment(s)
Rebates are Good for Ebike Companies, Infrastructure is Great for Everyone
This is a brief look at the use of Rebates and Infrastructure in encouraging behavior around ebikes and commuting.
03.05.22 09:15 AM - Comment(s)

    Probably the single most asked question I get besides, do you have a discount code, is,  "Are you just a drop shipper?" I know it's meant as a way for the customer to understand our place in the process, but there always seems to be this under lying tone of, "That m...

21.04.22 07:27 AM - Comment(s)

Before I started, to help people get affordable electric transportation, I was a Tech Recruiter.  For over 20 years I operated counter to the normal operations of most recruiters.  I'm honest, up front and tell you straight how it is at the company.  Over the years an...

22.03.22 07:10 AM - Comment(s)
Why Do E-Bike Companies "fib" About Distance?
This article explains how to tell the general distance per charge of your new Ebike.
22.02.22 04:10 PM - Comment(s)
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