VMX12-F 4speed Off Road E-Moto


    These E-Dirt bikes have been around a few years, very hard to find when you can.  But everyone I've seen riding them has a BLAST!!!  There's riders on Youtube saying these beat their 450s.  This isn't like our other, electric bikes and enduros, these are the REAL DEAL!  Same as the gas dirt bike you might take out in the desert, these bikes come with a left clutch, foot rear brake and a 4 speed gear box to take full advantage of the max 12KW of power.

     Please wear all safety equipment, helmets and armor when riding.  This isn't the little pocket bike your neighbor rides around.  These are for fully experienced riders looking to move to the next level.  These things are so fast, the Motocross won't allow them to race.... yet.

    The 60AH LG battery pack means you'll get about 3-4 hours or more riding it tough on the track or trail.  If you decided to legalize your ride with Dirt Legal, you'll be able to keep up with the other gas and electric bikes on the road.  Range anxiety? What's that?  You can get around town at a whopping 80-90+ mile range. 

(Range estimates are estimates and there are many variables that will contribute to lower and higher readings.  We try to under rate our units so people are happy when it goes farther)

For all e-Enduros and e-Motorcycles and for some of our higher end E-bikes, these items are normally built to order.

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